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Our Core Team

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FOUNDER & CEO Ingrid van Welie, PhD

Ingrid obtained a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Amsterdam and performed postdoctoral work at the Salk Institute and University College London. At MIT, she worked on the automation of in vivo image-guided patch clamp technology. As the Founder and CEO of NDT, she directs the company’s goals.

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CO-FOUNDER Jorg Scholvin, PhD

Jorg obtained both his undergraduate degree and his PhD in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. During his postdoctoral work at MIT, he designed novel microfabricated neural interfaces. As NDT’s CTO, he is responsible for overseeing and directing NDT's principle engineering strategies.


SENIOR ENGINEER Girish Rughoobur, PhD

Girish studied electrical engineering at University College London (UCL) and Caltech and received a PhD in engineering from Cambridge University. As a postdoctoral scientist at MIT, he performed research using a variety of nanofabrication technologies. As NDT’s Senior Engineer, he is in charge of device fabrication, device packaging, and circuit design.

Computational Scientist Yanal Qushair

Yanal has a B.S. degree in symbolic systems and a M.S. degree in computer science from Stanford University. As a computational scientists at NDT, he is responsible for modeling efforts of neural interfaces and data analysis pipelines.

Scientific Advisory Board

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Professor at MIT Ed Boyden, PhD

Y. Eva Tan Professor in Neurotechnology at MIT, Professor of Biological Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT's Media Lab and McGovern Institute for Brain Research.

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Professor at Harvard Medical School Alexander Rotenberg, MD, PhD

Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School and Director of Neuromodulation Program at Boston’s Children’s Hospital.